Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Application Process

The University of Toronto 2024’s Mastercard Foundation Scholarship

A renowned option for graduate study at the University of Toronto in the 2024–2025 academic year is the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship. The goal of this fully financed scholarship is to give students from Sub-Saharan African nations access to Canada’s top university for education, research, and knowledge production, therefore empowering them.

Mastercard Foundation Scholarship
The University of Toronto (U of T) Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme 20242025

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship: Institution(s) of host

The University of Toronto, a prestigious university in Canada famous for its dedication to quality in research and teaching, is the host of this scholarship program.

Mastercard Foundation Scholarship
University of Toronto

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship: Field(s)/Level(s)

Many different subjects are supported at the master’s level by this opportunity. Candidates who meet the requirements can pursue graduate degrees in a variety of fields, which will further their careers and personal development.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Worth

Although the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship’s precise cost is unknown, it is a fully funded program that pays for living expenses, tuition, and other necessary fees. Recipients are not restricted by finances in their academic pursuits.

Mastercard Foundation Scholarship
Scholarship of the Month Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program


The following requirements must be satisfied for candidates to be considered for the University of Toronto’s 2024 Mastercard Scholarship:

  1. Citizenship and residency requirements: Candidates must be nationals of Sub-Saharan African nations and be now residing in such nations.
  2. Educational Background: They should not have begun graduate-level coursework. And should have graduated from an African Higher Education Health Collaborative member institution within the past five years.
  3. intellectual success: Throughout their undergraduate studies, they showed leadership abilities and intellectual success.

Academic Admissibility: Meet the requirements to enroll in a funded graduate program.

  1. Commitment to Africa: Show that you have the will and intention to return home after graduation to support social and economic advancement throughout Africa.

Instructions for Application

If you are eligible and would want to apply to the University of Toronto for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, please follow these guidelines:

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program

Step 1: Examine the requirements of the program

Verify the prerequisites for admission to the academic program you have selected. If the academic prerequisites are met, move on to the next stage.

Step 2: Attend the Information Session and Apply

Fill out the application and register for a scholarship information session. Make sure you submit your application before the deadline and with all the necessary documents. You’ll receive an email directing you to continue if your application is accepted and matches the requirements.

Step 3: Applying for Graduate School

o Start your graduate application at the University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studies website, selecting your desired department or program. Observe the precise guidelines and due dates that your potential department has supplied.

Deadline to Apply:

November 15, 2023

Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to further your knowledge and contribute positively to the future of Africa. Visit the official website to apply and for more information.

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