Idaho Opportunity Scholarship: Application Process Explained

Scholarship Opportunity at Idaho University

The Idaho scholarship opportunity is open for residents of Idaho who also graduated from Idaho High School or colleges. Interested applicants must possess a minimum of 2.7 GPA before he or she can be considered for admission. The Idaho scholarship is a state-funded scholarship program that provides financial assistance to students residing in Idaho with the ambition to study in a high-class institution. The scholarship scheme is only open to students with high academic excellence, leadership qualities, and financial needs. 

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship
Idaho Scholarships Admissions, Courses and Scholarships

Eligible students are awarded with the sum of $3,500 yearly. The sum covers their tuition fees, books, fees, and other expenses. One intrinsic thing about the Idaho scholarship is that it is renewable for up to four years provided the candidates maintain the GPA and other academic requirements for the time being. 

Must Attend Among The Following Colleges or Universities

The scholarship scheme is open to eligible Idahoan who studied or attended the following colleges or universities in Idaho:

  1.   College of Southern Idaho
  2.   College of Western Idaho
  3.   College of Eastern Idaho
  4.   North Idaho College
  5.   University of Idaho
  6.   Western Governors University
  7.   Northwest Nazarene University
  8.   Lewis-Clark State
  9.   College of Idaho
  10. Idaho State University
  11. Brigham Young University
  12. Boise State University

The following Idaho colleges and universities are eligible to apply for the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship if they are residents of Idaho and have attended one of them:

Community Colleges: Southern Idaho College

• North Idaho College;

 College of Western Idaho;

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship: College of Eastern Idaho

You must have filled out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and be a resident of Idaho to apply. 30% of the score is determined by your GPA and 70% is based on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which is a need-based scholarship. Applications are evaluated from highest to lowest score, and the amount of cash available each year determines how many scholarships are awarded.
Public Universities: Lewis-Clark State College, University of Idaho, Idaho State University, and Boise State University.

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship
Idaho Opportunity Scholarship Offers Coming Soon

These universities have eligibility requirements comparable to community colleges: you must be an Idaho resident and have filed the FAFSA. The scholarship is given out based on both academic merit and financial necessity. Apply at each university via the Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS). Click here to apply for this opportunity.

College of Idaho;

Northwest Nazarene University;

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship: Private Universities

• Idaho’s Brigham Young University

The steps are the same: apply via the university’s scholarship portal, file the FAFSA, and reside in Idaho. However, if you get additional funding that surpasses the average cost of attendance charged by public universities, your scholarship amount may be lowered at NNU and College of Idaho.

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship
Idaho Opportunity Scholarship 101 Eligibility, Application, Deadline

Western Governors University is an online university.
Idaho citizens can still apply for the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship through WGU’s scholarship portal by completing the FAFSA, even if WGU uses a different model.

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship

The crucial actions are:
1. Must be an Idahoan; 2. File the FAFSA
3. Submit an application via the university’s scholarship program by the deadline.
4. Fulfill eligibility requirements, such as enrollment status and GPA
Check with each institution as criteria and deadlines may differ. Awards are made public in April, and colleges receive the money to credit student accounts in late July.

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