Hope Scholarship Eligibility And Application Process

Applications Now Available for Hope Scholarship Enrollment

West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore, the chairman of the Hope Scholarship Board, expressed enthusiasm about the strong interest and engagement the Hope Scholarship has received in the past academic year. He shared his excitement about commencing the upcoming year’s application process for new students.

Hope Scholarship
All you need to know about the Hope scholarship

“This upcoming academic year will mark the first full year featuring our year-round application and prorated funding model. This enhanced approach aims to provide increased accessibility and flexibility for both the program and the families choosing to participate in it,” Moore stated.


To be eligible for the Hope Scholarship, students must be residents of West Virginia and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be eligible for enrollment in a kindergarten program.
  • Be enrolled full-time in a public elementary or secondary school program in the state throughout the current academic year (2023-2024) preceding the year they are applying for the program.
  • Alternatively, be enrolled full-time and attending a public elementary or secondary school program in the state for at least 45 calendar days during an instructional term at the time of application and maintain enrollment until a decision is made on their Hope Scholarship application.

In addition to completing the application, families are also required by state law to submit a notice of intent to participate in the program to their local county superintendent.

Hope Scholarship Awards

  • The scholarship offers a ward of $2,800. Out of this award, $2,500 is for tuition fees and the remaining $300 is spent on textbooks.
  • The scholarship is always available during the fall and spring semesters.
HOPE Scholarship
HOPE Scholarship by the numbers

Online applications can be accessed at

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