British Government Scholarships in the UK(Fully-funded)

All You Need To Know About British Government Scholarships in the UK(Fully-funded)

British Government Scholarships: British Universities are accepting applications for fully-funded Britain Scholarships for a large number of subject options and degree levels.

British Government Scholarships
British Welcome Scholarships 2024-2025 of £120,000 Worth of Free Degrees in the UK

The Government of British has announced various fully and partially funded scholarships for eligible local and international students from different parts of the world.

Interested applicants can now apply for the UK government scholarships in 2024 as applications are currently open for the 2023-2024 session.

British Government Scholarships
Top UK Scholarships for International Students

So, hurry up, collect all the essential documents, and start applying once you comply with the mentioned eligibility criteria.

The UK government has announced dozens of British-funded scholarships even without requirements for IELTS. Yes, you have heard it right.

British Government Scholarships
Fully Funded Scholarships in the UK For International Students 2024 & 2025

Now students can apply for UK government scholarships without submitting IELTS scores and make their educational journey smooth and tuition-free.

The scholarships provide various benefits including Tuition fees, Waivers (up to 100%), Living Allowances with Free Accommodation, etc.

Host Institutions For Fully-funded British Government Scholarships in the UK

Equally important, Various British Universities.


· Bachelor’s degree in any program of choice.

· Masters degree in any program of choice

· Ph.D. degree in any program of choice

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarships value include:

· Tuition Fee Waivers (up to 100%)

· Health Insurance/ Health Coverage plan for students

· Scholarship Rewards of High Values

· Free Air Travel Tickets

· Free Library Access/ Free Alumni Memberships

· Sponsorship for international conference participation

· Funds to cover Book costs, Study materials, and Thesis costs

· Living Allowances with Free Accommodation

· Meal/food Costs covered in some cases

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Students willing to study in UK universities need a minimum 3.0 GPA on a scale of 4 or a 3.5 GPA on a scale of 5 to secure admission.
  • However, the GPA requirements vary from university to university and chosen degree programs in the UK.
British Government Scholarships
Requirements For Fully Funded Scholarships in the UK
  • English Language test results; the UK universities and the UK government scholarships have waived off the IELTS requirements.
  • On the other hand, they are also accepting IELTS alternative test scores, like DET, PTE, TOEFL, OET, Trinity ISE, CAE, CPE, etc.

Below Is A List of British Government Scholarships In 2024:

Chevening Scholarships

The British government, Foreign & Commonwealth Office(FCO) has finally announced the prestigious Chevening Scholarship scheme. This Scholarship opportunity paves the way for all students willing to pursue Master’s degree programs.

British Government Scholarships
Chevening Scholarships in UK For International Students Study In UK for 2024 & 2025

Every year around 15000 students get selected for this scholarship from approximately 100 reputable universities. All such candidates having passion and interest in Technology, Religion, Business, Media, and politics must apply for the Chevening scholarship program.

For the language criteria of Chevening Scholarships, IELTS scores or language certificates are enough to fulfill the requirements. 

British Government Great Scholarships

The Great Scholarship offered at the various noble universities of the UK is the joint program of the Britain Government Campaign and the British Council.

British Government Scholarships
GREAT Scholarships 2025

Students pursuing postgraduate and Master’s degrees can apply for this worthy fully-funded scholarship program.

Winning the scholarship comes with a reward of £10,000 for one year to cover the tuition fees.

GREAT Scholarships Program to Study in the UK

Approximately students from 18 countries are eligible for the Great scholarships. On the other hand, students pursuing Law and Justice studies can also apply for the Great Scholarships.

Applicants must abide by the language criteria of the chosen university and apply within the due date with the acceptance letter and Bachelor’s degree.

British Government Scholarships
British Council Great Scholarships 2024-2025

Moreover, the scholarship winners will not only enjoy the scholarship reward but will also attend the welcome event and networking event in the first and second semesters, respectively.

Meanwhile, students having work experience in the selected field will get preference. 

UK Government Welcome Scholarships

Another worthy scholarship offered by the government of the UK on our list is the UK Government Welcome Scholarships for students from middle and lower-income countries.

British Government Scholarships
Welcome UK Government Scholarships 2024 Fully Funded

Students enrolled in the postgraduate studies and research program can avail of this golden chance and enjoy the Welcome scholarship benefits for 12 months. Again this chance covers MS degrees and 18 months to complete the research thesis.

British Government Scholarships
UK Government Welcome Scholarships

Surprisingly, scholars will get £120,000 as a reward, £16,000 per annum as a living stipend outside London, and £18,000/per annum in London, visa costs, and fee expenses.

The intriguing fact about this scholarship is that there are no special requirements for IELTS. 

British Government Scholarships: British Council Scholarships Without IELTS

Dozens of prestigious scholarships are there for students doing BS, MS, or Ph.D. degrees at different universities in the UK.

Such British Council scholarships are the joint program of the British government, the British Council, partnered universities, and other co-organizations.

British Government Scholarships
Fully Funded Scholarships to Study in the UK without IELTS 2024

However, selected candidates will get their hands on multiple valuable benefits. The benefits include tuition fee waivers, free air tickets, study material & book costs, monthly/ yearly living and housing stipends, tuition grants, etc.

However, IELTS is not the only acceptable test for British Council Scholarships. Applicants can also submit DET, PTE, TOEFL, CPE, CAEL, CAE, etc.

British Government Scholarships: Commonwealth Scholarships

Another remarkable achievement in favor of international students belonging to the Commonwealth and developing countries is the Commonwealth Scholarships. This opportunity is announced by the Britain Government.

British Government Scholarships
Commonwealth UK Scholarships 2024

Applicants enrolled in the Master’s degree plus postdoctoral programs from developing nations are eligible for such a scholarship.

On the other hand, to abide by the eligibility requirements, applicants must have refugee status from a commonwealth country and not be able to study in the UK without this scholarship.

Fully Funded Commonwealth Government Scholarship in UK 2024-25

Additionally, the Commonwealth scholarships serve dozens of valuable benefits to the scholarship winners. Among the dozens of valuable are tuition grants, stipends, accommodation, an arrival allowance, thesis grants, etc.

So, avail this golden opportunity to finance your postgraduate studies in the UK under the Commonwealth scholarship program. Some of the other Commonwealth scholarships include; Commonwealth;

· Ph.D. scholarships

· Queen Elizabeth Scholarships

· Shared Scholarships

· Distance Learning Scholarships

· MS Scholarships

· Medical Fellowships

· Commonwealth Professional Fellowships.

British Government Scholarships: Gates Cambridge Scholarships

The Gates Cambridge Trust, the UK government, and Cambridge University have announced the Gates Cambridge Scholarship program for the students residing outside the UK enrolled in the postgraduate degree, including MSc/ MLitt, Ph.D. at any faculty at the University of Cambridge.

British Government Scholarships
Gates Cambridge Scholarship Program 2024 for Study at the University of Cambridge in the UK

British Cambridge Scholarship winners will receive tuition fee coverage, stipends, monthly allowance, travel costs, maintenance costs, airfare, family allowance, fieldwork, etc.

However, applicants are requested to submit the scores asked by Cambridge University to meet the language requirements for Cambridge scholarships.

Postgraduate Scholarships by the UK Government

Congratulations!!! the government of the UK has also announced some noble scholarship programs for students doing postgraduate studies. Moreover, these are reputable yet prestigious colleges and universities in the UK in diverse fields.

Top UK Scholarships For Postgraduates to Study

IELTS scores are not mandatory for such scholarships, but candidates can win scholarship rewards, tuition grants, and living costs till the degree completion. Students can also apply for the Marshall Scholarships offered by the UK government.

British Government Scholarships: Oxford University Scholarships

Next, the prestigious Oxford University offers multiple valuable scholarships for undergrads, grads, and postgrads students in collaboration with the UK government.

Interested applicants can apply for such scholarships and enjoy the rewards of up to £5,000/ year. Furthermore,  living costs, monthly stipends, health insurance, etc.

Study-In-UK 2024 University of Oxford

However, the English language requirements for Oxford University include IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE, CAE, CPE, ISE, and PTE. English Language GCSE, IGCSE, Oxford AQA International GCSE English Language, International Baccalaureate, & Cambridge Assessment O-Level English scores.

Some notable scholarships offered by Oxford University are; the Crankstart Scholarship, Palgrave Brown Scholarship, Reach Oxford Scholarship, Hill Foundation Scholarship, etc.

British Government Scholarships: King’s College London Scholarships

Lastly, we have the great Kings College of London, offering generously funded scholarships to the students enrolled in its short, undergraduate, & postgraduate courses.

King’s College London Scholarships for International Students 2024-25 in the UK (Fully Funded)

However, Kings College scholarship winners will get the academic funding package. Equally important, including scholarship rewards of up to £10,000, tuition grants, and other applauding benefits.

Acceptable language tests for Kings College London Scholarships include; IELTS, IELTS indicator, TOEFL, OET, PTE (Academic/ Online), CAE, CPE, & Trinity College ISE.

King’s College London Commonwealth Shared Scholarships

Scholarships offered by the King’s College London include; the King’s International Foundation Progression Scholarship Program, Merit-based scholarships, and Kings College London Postgraduate scholarships. 

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